Kyiv, 1-A Sportyvna sq., 10th floor of the Gulliver shopping center


Your personal membership gives you access to all the areas of the club and gives you more opportunities for diverse training every day.

Unlimited Membership for 1 month - 6,700 UAH.

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Ваша клубна карта надає доступ до:
Тренажерного та кардіозалів
Pilates, Yoga
Функціонального тренінгу, CROSSFIT, TRX
Єдиноборства, боксу
Консультації спортивного лікаря
Ознайомлювального тренування в тренажерному залі і басейні
Комплекту рушників та халата
«Заморозки» (кількість днів залежить від тривалості клубної карти)
Дополнительные услуги:
Персональні тренування
Всі види масажу
Косметичне обгортання
Гостьові візити
Оренда шафи
Банний халат (іменний)

Membership stuffing Sky Morning, Sky Day, Sky Evening, Sky Full

(basic set of services)

– Entrance to all club zones (gym, swimming pool, cardio zone, boxing zone, Pilates zone, functional training zone)

– group programs

– aquaerobics

– steam room

– doctor’s consultation

– introductory training with a trainer in the gym and swimming pool 

– trial massage 

– towel + bathrobe

– card freeze 

– guest visits

Sky Ultra Contains

(basic set of services + additional services)

– 5 training sessions with a trainer

– 5 massages

– 5 guest visits for friends

– locker rental

– sports uniform laundry

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Is it worth buying an annual membership to a fitness club?

An annual membership to a fitness club is the best motivation for regular exercise. An annual membership saves your money, gives you an incentive to go to the gym, and lets you enjoy all the benefits of a premium sports club. Skyfitness is located in the center of the city, equipped with the latest generation of fitness equipment and a modern swimming pool. The team of professional trainers has an individual approach to each client, they work out a training program and if necessary - a nutrition plan. The friendly atmosphere, marvelous view from the window and stylish design of the room help to tune in to the effective work.

What is included in the annual membership to a fitness club?

A year's subscription to a fitness club gives you the opportunity to visit a gym, a room with cardio machines, group classes and classes in yoga, pilates, martial arts, boxing and much more. A full list of available sections can be found on the website. Holders of annual subscriptions can consult a sports doctor before compiling a training and nutrition regimen. If necessary, a season ticket can be temporarily frozen. Among additional services the club offers all types of massages, wraps, individual workouts and personalized bathrobes.